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Enter the  Wishner World written by award-winning author Camille S. Campbell and join the adventure....


Winner of the Gold Moonbeam Book Award and the Purple Dragonfly Book Award. 
An Amazon Bestseller.

A foretold prophecy.

A girl with the legendary power of the Flame.

An orphaned mind reader. 

Lurking deep in the Decayer fortress, the Thief of Hearts yearns for one thing. One thing that Arobithia, a dangerous enchantress, can bring—thirteen-year-old Janet's heart.

With Egyptian riddles and scrolls, Janet pieces together the Wishner's Curse and embarks on a journey to stop the Thief of Hearts. Along with Ero, an orphaned mind reader, Janet travels through mysterious caves, battles a Vision, and finally comes face to face with the Thief of Hearts.

The first book in the Wishner Prophecy Trilogy brings mystery, intrigue, and adventure in a world of enchanting Visions, brutal griffin wrestling, and Scarab amulets that are soon to replace all Wishners' Hearts.

Every wrong move can cost Janet her life—or worse, her heart.

Will Janet lose her heart?

Will the Thief of Hearts prevail?

The Wishner's

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Purple Dragonfly First Place Seal Trans.png

 The Wishner's Masquerade

A long-lost Decayer. A Griffin of Fire. A fate changing masquerade.

A sequel to The Wishner's Curse, The Wishner's Masquerade brings a new and exciting adventure.After a shocking betrayal, Janet is left alone to stop the Decayers and save her grandfather. As challenges arise, Janet soon discovers a new power that may hold the key into restoring all Wishner hearts. 

The young enchantress finds allies in the most unexpected places and sets out on a quest to find a long-lost Wishner artifact. Janet encounters a dragon who dwells in the Luminescent Cave, a tribe of nymphs from the Forest of Visions, and other magical creatures on her journey through the Wishner World. With the help of the Griffin of Fire, Janet arrives at Wishdonius for the masquerade.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Decayer and his long lost son plan to overthrow the Wishner kingdom. As Jeffrey's son finds his own Scarab amulet powers, the Decayers get closer to seizing the throne.

In a race against time, Janet must save the Wishner Kingdom before the Star of Darkness rises and gives the Decayers great power.

Will the Wishner Masquerade end in disaster or victory?

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