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Advice from the goddess Atalanta: how to find adventures in your life

Take a step on the carousel, as we whisk you away to a world of myths, fables, and folklore alike. Listen to the wind rustle between the trees and the bird calls of adventure throughout the world. Whether you want to helicopter over the Grand Canyon or explore the Amazon, perhaps your heart craves adventure.

Of course, many adventures you may want to go on can be unreachable (for now). But don’t fear! Sometimes you can fit the greatest explorations into your life without having to travel the world. The goddess Atalanta (whose name sounds a LOT like the lost kingdom of Atlantis) represents adventure. Surely interesting Greek mythological tales about Atalanta can teach us how to find great experiences—in our regular, everyday lives.

1: Nature

Atalanta had a strong connection to the forest, growing up there her entire life. Atalanta also bonded with the animals in the forest (including the bear who raised her). Uniting with nature can present you with amazing adventures. So, go to the nearest nature area and admire the beauty of the outdoors. Observing beautiful creatures, such as cheerful birds and graceful deer, can be extremely rewarding, and being in the vast outdoors can feel like an amazing adventure. Like Atalanta, you can be at one with nature and find excitement in earth’s beauty.

2: Don’t let barriers ruin your adventures

Atalanta was the only woman to go on an expedition with other daring deities, but that didn’t stop her from going on an adventure. If you always wanted to join the hiking club, but there aren’t any girls in it, don’t let that hold you back. Some of the greatest adventures in life can be missed if you’re afraid of not fitting in. If you’re worried that you don’t match the regular group—like you want to join the music club but are not similar to the members—remember Atalanta’s story. She even won the first round of the expedition and was one of the most accomplished adventurers of all, despite being different. If she had let the obstacles stop her from pursuing her goals, Atalanta would have never been able to go on such a great adventure. So, try new things, and don’t let anyone bring you down. That is true bravery.

3: Take up a sport—or try something new in general

Even if you may not be the *sportiest* person ever, it’s still a good idea to try to find a type of athletics that you enjoy. Not trying to find a physical activity that you could participate in is like saying that someone can’t find any book or song that they like. Perhaps you don’t partake in a sport because you haven’t found the right one. If you like performing arts, perhaps you can consider jazz dancing, ballet, or even figure skating. If you are more of a person who likes outdoor exercise consider hiking (to get closer to nature) and swimming. Atalanta was great with a bow and arrow, so you can channel her adventurous spirit by doing archery. Atalanta even was an excellent runner and challenged any guy who wanted to marry her to a race. Her sport loving spirit can definitely connect to her love of adventure. You don’t need to explore secret Egyptian tombs to have a fun adventure. Adventures come in many different forms. Learning something new is a type of adventure.

As you take a step off the carousel, perhaps you are inspired to try something new and find your own adventures in life. Look around you and realize that adventures lie everywhere, if you are willing to seek them out—just like Atalanta!


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