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Advice from the Goddess of Victory: How to Win in Life

Take a step on the Carousel, as we whisk you away to a world of myths, fables, and folklore. Everyone wonders how to *truly* feel like a winner in life. Although we don’t succeed all the time, we still aim for as many victories as possible.The name Nike may sound familiar to you if you’re a regular shopper of sports clothes. It’s a lesser known fact that Nike’s brand took the name of the Goddess of Victory Nike.

The winged goddess is often shown riding a chariot and was present during competitions (such as the Olympics) and ancient Greek battles. Today, we will see how to succeed with advice straight from the goddess.

Find your wings Nike is one of the only goddesses with wings, which is totally awesome. There’s nothing like being the goddess of victory AND being able to fly. Of course, we can’t have literal wings, but what if her ‘wings’ have a deeper meaning that we can apply to our own lives? Everyone has wings, but not everyone has learned to *fly* yet. Perhaps your wings are the hidden talent you haven’t discovered. It may seem that everyone else has something they’re great at, but you also have a passion waiting to be discovered. As Einstein said, “Genius is 1% talent and 99% hard work.” So, try new things and, if you find something you love, hard work will get you the rest of the way. Then you can ‘fly,’ just like Nike! Celebrate your victories In various Greek paintings, Nike is shown holding a lyre which she plays after a victory. This lyre represents a celebration of accomplishments, which is *very* important for self-motivation. For example, if you did well on a history quiz at school, you could celebrate it by playing your own ‘victory song.’ Whether that is an episode of your favorite TV series or a warm bubble bath, a little celebration can go a long way to reinforce success. But it’s also important not to brag about your victories and rub it in other people’s faces. If you succeed, great! Celebrate! But make sure that your celebration isn’t gloating, because winners don’t need to put others down to feel more successful.

Help others succeed Nike is said to give people good luck, so even though she wins many things, she also helps others. A true winner supports other people, and you can as well. Help out your little sister in soccer, so she can win that game she’s so nervous about. Support your friend for the talent show so he can totally nail his piano song. Of course, you should work toward your *own* goals, but it can be very rewarding to help others as well. By being a supportive person, you can really feel like a winner. Helping others can also ease a competitive streak you may have. Obviously, you want to win, but it’s important to let others have their time in the spotlight. As you take a step off the carousel, realize that you can be successful if you put in effort and follow Nike’s advice on how to really win at life. So, find your own wings and shoot for the stars!

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