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Camille’s Carousel: Channel your Inner African Mermaid Goddess

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

How can the goddess Yemoja give advice on how you can help save the ocean?

Take a step on the Carousel, as we whisk you away to a world of myths, fables, and folklore. On the beach, you can smell the saltwater spray and hear the crash of waves against the golden sand. You spot a glimmering fishtail far in the ocean, and your imagination brings memories of the Little Mermaid. But would you think of the Mermaid Goddess from African mythology?

Meet Yemoja, who isn't only the goddess of the ocean, she's also a MERMAID! Known as the Mami (mom) of the Water, Yemoja is the official protector of the ocean as well. With ocean pollution being so prevalent, it's important to do your part to help the ocean like the goddess/mermaid Yemoja.

These are different ways you can channel your inner Yemoja and help the world around you.

1. Social Media:

Do you have a social media account? Great, that's one way you can raise your voice about helping the ocean. You could retweet a fact about ocean pollution and how it is hurting innocent creatures. You could also post a picture of you tossing something in a recycling bin and recommend others to do the same. Make a change in the world with your phone. Through the media, we can #savetheworld.

2. Recycle:

Try to minimize your *OWN* use of plastic and look for labels on what you get, such as '' made from recycled material.'' Also, when you shop, opt for items made of recycled stuff. You can even make accessories for yourself out of recycled items around the house. Another fashionable way to help the earth is to go vintage shopping. Talk about a super-cute way to recycle—and pick up an adorable 70s blouse.

3. Spread the Word in your community:

Let your friends and family know about your endeavor the save the ocean--maybe they can help. Talk to your friends about forming an environmental club if there isn't one you can join in your area. Make sure to encourage others to get involved by recommending biodegradable alternatives to things and dropping a few ocean facts every now and then.

For example, you can craft bracelets with ocean-themed gems, sell them online, and donate all the proceeds to an organization that helps the ocean. Talk about an ULTRA-Fabulous way to help your ocean-dwelling friends.


Yemoja wears a snake as a boa. Talk about *awesome* fashion. Since only a goddess can do that safely, you can channel your inner Yemoja by getting a pet snake! You may think that only furry friends need to be adopted. Not so! There are some snakes whose owners can’t take care of them anymore. Like Yemoja, you may need a slithery friend in your life. Just make sure you let your parents know before you bring your new friend home and opt for a smaller type of snake you can take care of.

As you take a step off the carousel, maybe you can take your own steps to save the world. Whatever you choose to do to help the ocean, remember that Yemoja, the first Little Mermaid, would be proud of you.

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