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Back to School Advice from the Goddess Athena

Take a step on the Carousel, as we whisk you away to a world of myths, fables, and folklore. As summer ends, we feel a magical breeze in the air. Perhaps we hear an owl or two hoot in the distance. Before you know it, you're back in school. Can mythology help with *your* academic goals? Let's tap into our inner Athena and find out. Athena, goddess of arts and wisdom, is perhaps the most intelligent goddess of all. Talk about #girlrolemodel! Maybe we can even pick up a few study tips from this owl loving goddess!

1. School Project Tip

In one of the fables, Athena competed against Poseidon for the city of Athens as the prize. They both had to make gifts to the city of Athens and whichever god made a gift the people of the city liked better would win Athens. Poseidon created a stream as a gift.... but it had undrinkable salt water! Athena, however, planted an olive tree. It turns out that the little tree became many trees that helped build houses, feed the town, and produce olive oil that is still widely used today! For that gift, Athena won the city of Athens (that’s where it got the name). Doesn’t that remind you of a school project or contest? While Athena may have won the village, you win a good grade by understanding what’s requested in the project! It's important to listen to directions and what your teacher instructs you to do for the project, so you can stay focused on the goal. In Athena's case, the people wanted something that could be useful, even if it was a simple olive tree. Be sure to follow directions and understand expectations for your project.

2. Artistic Knowledge

Although you should have knowledge in subjects at school, it's important to channel the creative goddess inside of you by taking a cool art class, writing a screenplay, or making a solo art collection. Athena valued not only wisdom and knowledge but also artistic intelligence. According to various studies conducted by major institutes, studying arts can improve grades. Use art to unwind from schoolwork and to make presents for family and friends. Who knows, one day, you may enter a local art fair, a contest, or sell some DIY cards on Etsy. Why not try out something new in the arts? How about making a charm bracelet with Athena symbols like the owl, olive tree, and spear?

3. Single=okay

Athena showed that you don't *have* to date to be awesome. Some enter dating early on, and some people start dating later. Whenever you start dating, you shouldn’t let it define you. There is the right time to date for everybody. If you already started dating and are happy with it, that’s great. But if you don’t date yet or ended a relationship, you should know that the ultra-fabulous goddess Athena never let being single bring her down. She kept moving forward with her goals and dreams, channeling both her inner and outer beauty.

4. Gain Teacher’s Trust

Being a favorite child of Zeus, Athena was the only one trusted with his lightning staff. Through her wisdom, she earned that trust. By being dependable and turning in assignments at school on time, you can earn your teacher’s trust. If you, too, show your reliability, your teachers may tell you about cool internships, give you good college recommendations, and provide you with extra advice on a topic you’re struggling with. Get your own lightning staff!

As you step off the carousel and back into your classroom, don’t forget Athena’s advice on having your best school year yet!

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