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Advice from the goddess Iris: How to find the rainbow in your life

Take a step on the carousel, as we whisk you away to a world of myths, fables, and folklore. After a rain shower, a combination of vivid colors lights up the gray sky. The sight of a rainbow brings joy into our lives, since we remember that, after a storm, beautiful things can appear!

In Greek mythology, the legend of Iris says that, as she traveled between the human and Greek god world to deliver messages, she created the rainbow path to brighten up the world. Similarly, in life, we have to look for that rainbow during hard experiences and find the bright side of things in difficult situations. Here is some advice on how to bring positivity into your life. Findand spreadgood news in life As a messenger goddess, Iris brought all kinds of messages, but, with her optimistic disposition, she made sure to add *extra* good news. Instead of looking at sad news stories, search for positive articles (like the ones on Good News Network), check out cute animal videos, and try to share good news with others. Text your friends funny GIFs or adorable dog pictures and, instead of complaining or stressing, agree to watch a laugh out loud comedy movie together. Surround yourself with upbeat people who brighten your life and let your rainbow shine brighter! Be honest

While it’s important to bring good news and celebrate it as much as you can, if there’s a problem in your life, be honest with others and don’t lie about issues. It’s important to understand the root of the problem and do what you can to fix it—sometimes using other people’s help and advice. Iris would hold a pitcher filled with water from the River Styx, which she would pour on those who were guilty of ‘perjury.’ The goddess believed in telling the truth, aside from bringing happiness. Be honest with your friends and family, because big secrets and lies can cloud your life.

Communicate with others

If you haven’t called an old friend for a while, take the initiative to message them. There’s a legend that throwing a drachma—ancient Greek money—in Iris’s rainbow could allow you to communicate with anyone—near or far. Now, you can just pick up your cell phone and have a fun talk with tons of laughter and cheer. Whether it’s a relative, friend, or old teacher, having a phone or Zoom call can relieve stress, boost your mood, and spread the beautiful colors of the rainbow. 🌈 As you take a step off the carousel, understand that the storms in your life can bring a rainbow if you look for it. Do things that brighten up your life and spread positivity.


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